Marching Band Journey

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Although I will focus mainly on my senior year, I want to start from the beginning of freshman year. All throughout my high school days, my schedule has been very tight, with activities taking place just about every day. On Mondays, I had karate from six to nine, Tuesdays church band practice from five to eight, Wednesdays choir practice from seven to eight, and Thursdays through Saturdays free. Of course, Sunday was reserved for church. However, in my senior year of high school, my schedule worsened as I made the mistake of staying in marching band, and that removed my weekends of freedom, making my schedule tighter. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the marching band season, but it became frustrating at points because I would spend nine hours…show more content…
When I first starting thinking about colleges, I figured that I had plenty of time to find a suitable one and apply. However, to my dismay, I soon realized that not only was the application process long and confusing, but it also cost a lot back then. Because of my busy schedule, when I discovered how time-consuming and expensive college was, I almost gave up looking entirely. I was just about ready to throw in the towel and find a suitable part time job and work my way up from there. Just when I felt I was getting overwhelmed, I took a break from college admissions for a while, and later picked them back up again. Little did I know that later in 2017, I would be accepted into ASU and successfully earn a bachelor’s degree in…show more content…
At that point in time, with all sorts of new responsibilities and problems, I can look back and see that the majority of my stress was caused by financial issues. It’s not so much that my family and I couldn’t afford it, it’s just that coupled with the medical bills of my mother, I used to always feel that it was somehow my fault that if we couldn’t afford something. Of course now, I can tell that no financial issues were ever my fault, and I was worrying too much about nothing. Old age has taught me that I can never truly control any aspect of my
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