Marci's Case Study: Working At Home

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The missing information provided in the case it makes difficult to create a strategy to help the family to immediately work in ways to try to work in the concern. At the beginning, I will assess Marci and her situation in the classroom. If, it is the first time that the minor is showing the behaviors, I will not centralized the first meeting about that specific behavior. As the Social Worker I will try to explore the environmental concerns and Marci living situation or at least her expectations about her situation at home. It is important to know about this because the child may be learning those behaviors from home.
Also, interviewing the parents will be as important as interviewing the children. Through the parents a Social Worker is able to understand a portion of the child behaviors. Them, interview the parents a children together to explore their level of attachment. In the book Child Development by D. Davis mentions; “Parents with working models derived from histories of secure attachment are responsive to their children, who in turn tend to develop secure attachments and positive working models. In contrast, parents who dismiss the importance of attachment are likely to dismiss their children’s needs for comforting and nurturance. When these negative attitudes carry over into
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Also, it may be that Marci is trying to get the attention of her parents and it is common for children to act up on these childish behavior.
There is a lot to work with little information, there is a lot to assume and the issue can point in different directions. However, as a Social Worker the safety of the client is first, an open mind and heart to lean about the needs of the child. Further, the dynamics in the family is important to guide the family to work as a whole entity instead of just solving one behavior. The goal should be common for the Social Worker and
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