Marco Polo And Marco Polo

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Throughout the years we’ve seen many warriors, kings or queens, emperors leave some sort of legacy or mark in our world today. Many are remembered for the greatest or probably worse things they’ve done. Also change has taken a major role in our world today. Two great examples that contributed in the global change would be Marco polo and Elizabeth Woodville. Marco polo was best known for being a traveler though he didn’t like to be referred as one. Polo considered himself a wayfarer. At the young age of 17, polo went to his first journey to Cathay, modern day china. There the wayfarer met the Chinese emperor Kublai khan. Marco stayed for 17 years learning the Chinese culture. Later Marco became Khan’s second hand. Together they created a duo. Khan send him to missions whom which Polo completely excelled them. Marco polo is also known for his former book, “the travels of Marco polo”, which he wrote during his capture in the Genoese prison. During his imprisonment, he met a write who then later on will help him out publish that book. In the other hand, Elizabeth Woodville also known as the White queen, was the first commoner to become queen of England. She was widowed by John grey, before Grey’s death she had 2 kids with him. Elizabeth was left with nothing until she met a handsome king which shell marry later on. His name was King Edward. This marriage brought so many troubles to her life. Thanks to Richard Neville, everything went down the hill. Either way, within Marco polo

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