Marco Polo Comparison Essay

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The prolific writings of both Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta give accounts of early world travel and exploration during the middle ages, these two explorers’ managed to travel the length of the Eurasian empire, while creating written accounts of their adventure. When comparing these two individual writings on their travels and perception of cultures, religion and trade also their reasons for travel it is imperative that we acknowledge that these two individuals came from very different back rounds Polo a Christian and Battuta a Muslim. Thus their accounts and view points maybe very different in retrospect to one another due to a religious, and cultural bias when exploring these areas. In order to understand these two travelers it …show more content…
Polo’s view on this was made clear when he states that the kings was so “Lecherous that I assure you that he has fully 300 wives”5. It is important to note the language used in the second quote which shows how he felt about this king’s indulgement as lewdness and lust in a way regarded as distasteful. This was with out a shock to polo who came from a Christian back round where such an act was considered unacceptable and blasphemous. Ibn Battuta also mentions slaves in the text many times through his travels; his view of slave trade contradicts that of Polo’s. This is evident when Battuta was given his first “hospitality Gift”6 of a young male in Turkey, where he also bought and sold slaves. This comparison is in sharp contrast to Polo’s view on slavery for trade where Battuta seemed to accept this as normal practice within his culture and even seemed it fit to deem it as a gift. This comparison shows how cultures within the middle ages held very different beliefs and guild lines for individuals of various ideologies, what interested and was seen as acceptable practice of slave trade for Battuta, was on the other hand very shocking to Polo. A comparison of the travels of both Battuta and Polo show that both men came in contact with great leaders of Eurasia which shaped their travels and lead them to seek control and obtain control over the Mongolian empire now known as China in

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