Marco Rubio 's The President Of The United States

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The United States is not what it used to be. The United States was the moderator of the world. Every other country feared the U.S., but now it seems to be lacking the luster it once had. The United States of America’s success starts at one place. That is the president of the United States. The president controls and oversees all actions taken by the government. The United States needs a leader that can return this country to its former glory. Marco Rubio is that leader. What Rubio lacks in age and experience he makes up for with hard work and determination to win. Marco Rubio 's plans to return this country to glory are rooted with conservative belief and backed by the republican party. There are many other candidates fighting to be the next person to turn this country around. Marco Rubio will put his plans into action and make The United States better for all. Marco Rubio is a great candidate for president. Marco Rubio’s viewpoints come from a main idea found in the Republican party called Conservatism. Edmund Burke is believed to be the founder of conservatism. Burke was part of the British parliament and he was a political writer. The term was first used in the 1800s in France. Conservatism was later used in Britain to describe the Tory party. Today the term conservative describes ideas and viewpoints most often found in the republican party. Conservatism began take root in the ideas of president Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. Before their presidency conservatism had
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