Marcus Aurelius' Philosophy is Unique

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With this being said, everyone’s point of view is unique and Marcus Aurelius is no exception. (I would use his name here just to make sure the audience knows who you’re talking aboutHe was a philosopher, though a not widely known (Word choice?), and I believe that he has a lot to teach us despite the fact that we live in a different era (After and make this into a new sentence or combine how you think he is brilliant despite not many people knowing who he is.). This is because the overall concepts and themes found in his meditations come into play in our lives. Reading the introduction to The Essential Marcus Aurelius was helpful in that it set the mood for the book (PUT BOOKS TITLE) and gives the readers a quick overview of Aurelius’ era. It also has a brief biography of Aurelius’ life to give the readers insight into who he was and what his life was like. Personally, it made me excited to read the book because I was in the frame of mind that the author states will bring out the most this book can offer (Needleman, xi). My life has felt like it has been out of control and just an (Maybe instead of just an put leaving me with an overall dissatisfaction feeling with my life.) overall dissatisfaction with my life.…
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