Marcus Aurelius, Rome's Greastest Emperor Essay examples

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Who is Marcus Aurelius? What did he do to make his mark in the pages of history? Why did the people of Rome respect and admire him? To the common person, Marcus was just a man who was an emperor of Rome and just another person who helped shaped this world. Marcus Aurelius was more than that! Anthony Birley writes, “The acquaintance of a man like Marcus Aurelius is an imperishable benefit.” The character of Marcus Aurelius is truly special, but was molded by many important people and figures in his life. With the absence of honor and duty in Rome, influences such as Junius Rusticus, a book called “The Discourses of Epictetus”, and the Roman Emperor Hadrian, led Marcus Aurelius to become one of the most important stoics and one of …show more content…
This thirst for knowledge was provided by Junius Rusticus. A distinguish senator like Fronto, Rusticus was a Stoic who instructed Marcus in the logic and theory of Stoicism. Intrigued by Stoicism, Marcus seriously began to study morals and seems to have thought that his literary labours had gone far enough. Marcus writes: “I am at present fascinated by the books of Aristo the Stoic and at the same time disconcerted; when they show how far my mind falls behind those better minds your pupil blushes very hot and is cross with himself because after 25 years he has not drunk deeply of the springs of good opinion and purer reason. And so I pay the penalty, am angry, sad, I go without food. In the bonds of these cares I have put off till tomorrow my task of writing for you every day. But now I bethink me of an Attic speaker’s advice to the Athenian assembly sometimes to let the laws slumber. Accordingly I will let Aristo sleep peacefully for a little, and turn me heart and soul to your dramatic poet, first, however, reading some short speeches of Cicero. But at for writing I will do that either on one side of the other, for from today Aristo will never sleep so soundly as to allow me to advocate both sides in the same matter. Goodbye, my best and most honorable master. My lady sends her greeting”.
Marcus’s letter shows a very frustrate individual for he states how upset he feels for not allowing this

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