Essay on Marcus Luttrell: IB Learner Profile

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Marcus Luttrell is the hero that brought hope back to all SEAL/S members. He was awarded the Navy Cross for combat heroism in 2006 by President Bush. While fighting for our country, his whole SEAL/S team was killed right before his eyes. Missing in action for five days, he was badly hurt and was cared for by the Pashtuns. Marcus displays a variety of the IB Learner Profile such as; caring, knowledgeable, and principled. Being a caring person is one of the many traits that SEAL/S members must possess. Since the very first days Marcus displayed an attitude of caring for others. When his team was fighting to stay alive, his first thoughts were about how his team mates were doing. He did not care much about himself; instead all of his …show more content…

Marcus wrote on his thighs, notes of, “…routes, distances, and terrain” (402). With this information Marcus was able to help destroy a band of Taliban members. Without, his knowledge, none of that would have been possible. Every man or woman in any area of military forces must be trained to be principled. They must know right from wrong and what is the best solution to any given problem or circumstance. Marcus efficiently displays this trait. Around the middle of the novel, Marcus and his buddies are forced to make a decision on whether to kill three goatherds that might potentially be working with the Taliban, or to free them. The best solution may have been to kill them, but due to the rules of engagement that was not necessarily an option. The team decided to let Marcus make the final call. He thought about it for several seconds before declaring, ““We gotta let ‘em go”” (236). Being the man he is, he made the choice to not be charged with murder for killing prospective innocent humans. Also, he showed his morals about being principled when he never left any of his dead buddies behind. In the military, no man is left behind. Even when they were not able to find Axe’s body the first time, Marcus talked to the guys again and they went back to searching because they were , “…not about to leave him up there” (420). Marcus and every member searching for Axe would not leave him up there. They searched until

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