Marcus Mill 's Article On Connotations And Connotation

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1. Stuart Mill’s article on Denotation vs Connotation emphasizes the meaning of words which are a way for us to communicate with one another. He had his own theory on this article. His view on the meaning of words was that there was a distinction between the connotation and the denotation of a term. There are two kinds of descriptive values according to Mill. Denotation is the literal meaning of a term whereas connotation is the idea or feeling that the word implies; the conceptual representation of it. For example he states, “The word white denotes all white things, as snow paper, the foam of the sea, etc., and implies, or in the language of the schoolmen, connotes, the attribute whiteness. The word white is not predicated of the attribute, but of the objects, snow, etc.; but when we predicate it of them, we convey the meaning that the attribute whiteness belongs to them” 167). What Mill is implying is that the term “white” it characterizes the thing denoted by the expression. When we say the word “white” we think of these other things (snow, paper, wedding dress, white flowers) because they are defined as the color white. For instance, take the word home. The connotation of the term “home” would be a place of warmth, comfort, affection etc. “She feels like home”. It means that the person gives us a comforting vibe in which we can rely on to feel peace within ourselves. How it is denoted; the place where one lives (family members) for a certain period of time. It is
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