Marcus Wesson's Murder Case Study

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Switching viewpoints to paternal filicide, a local case in Fresno included the murder of 9 children of Marcus Wesson. He had eleven children with his wife Elizabeth, and seven more with his daughters and nieces. Wesson also abused his children and forced them to believe that he was God. The preaching told to the family, “weaved a dogma of polygamy and incest from his interpretations of the Bible and Seventh Day Adventist beliefs” (CBS news). Wesson’s surviving son’s and daughter’s recollected stories of cruel and unusual punishments.
Both defended him at first because they did not know any other life. They only knew what he told them and how he treated them. In an interview with ABC news, they recollected the horrible lives that they had.
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Justin left his son Cooper in a hot car all day while he ran errands and went to work. Typically Cooper is dropped off at day care, and then Harris goes to breakfast. He claimed he forgot to drop him off and that he forgot he was in the car due to a change in routine. Evidence surfaced that he had been sexting another woman. Prosecutors say Harris “plotted to kill his son, hoping to escape his family responsibilities to focus on sexual liaisons he was having with prostitutes and women he met online. Harris is also charged with sending sexually explicit text messages and photos to an underage teenage girl” (CBS news). Therefore this case falls under the unwanted child reasoning. Harris was preoccupied with being with many other women and not wanting to be with his wife. His son was an obvious connection to his wife, so disconnecting from that meant he would have no more ties to her. On the day of Cooper’s death, “Harris was having these illicit chats with as many as six women” (CNN). In the days leading up to Cooper’s death, Harris also researched death of babies in hot cars and “how to survive in prison” according to investigators. With the incriminating evidence that pointed towards an unwanted child, and unwanted marriage with the divorce being filed, Harris was sentenced to life in prison with no option of parole for the murder of his son Cooper. He also received 32 years to be served consecutively on four other counts, two of which were for the sexual exploitation of minors (CBS news). There were many holes in his story and witnesses claim that his behavior was erratic and odd. It seemed he was upset, but more like he was acting

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