Mardon Brothers Chapter Summaries

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It all began in Central City. A forensic scientist for the C.C.P.D (Central City Police Department) was at the scene of a murder by the infamous Mardon Brothers, two criminals who can rob banks in the blink of an eye. The scientist’s name is Barry Allen, and even though he looks happy and cheerful, he’s tormented. When he was 11 years old, his mother was murdered by an unknown force known as “the man in the yellow suit.” Barry said he saw red and yellow lightning surrounding his mother as she screamed in the center of their living room. His dad told his “little slugger three words he would never forget: “Run, Barry, run!” and was whisked away about a mile from his house by the mysterious yellow lightning. By the time Barry got home, it…show more content…
Iris is dating Joe’s new partner, Eddie Thawne, because Joe’s old partner was shot in the face chasing the Mardon brothers. They tried to escape by plane but the blast from the particle accelerator cut their flight short and ended the Mardons once and for all (or did it?). Barry also finds that he is not the same when he sees a waitress at CC Jitters, a café where Iris works, drop a tray in slow motion and later at the police station where he super-speeds to stop a criminal from taking a cop’s gun, and in an alley behind the station where he super-speeds into a mattress truck. Barry then goes back to the scientists at S.T.A.R Labs (Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow) to tell them what happened to him and to train his newfound powers, but while he was running, he had a flashback (no pun intended) of his mother and saw the face of the man in the yellow suit and, distracted by this memory, he runs into a barrel and fractures a limb. Luckily, with super-speed comes super-healing. He later runs into the man who robs banks followed by freak weather storms, who turns out to be Clyde Mardon, who did not die in the plane crash, but gained weather powers. When Barry tried to tell Joe, he grew frustrated at Barry’s crazy supernatural theories: “There’s no controlling the weather, Barry. Just
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