Marfan Syndrome

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Marfan Syndrome Have you ever wondered about the diseases that you can get from your parents? One of these major diseases that can change someone’s life is called the Marfan Syndrome. Marfan Syndrome is a disorder of connective tissue that is inherited from the parents. The bones and circulatory system are usually the parts of the body that are longer and the ones that are changed because of the disease.
There are many things that can cause a disease. Marfan syndrome is caused by a mutation in the fibrillin-1 gene. The gene produces a protein that is essential for formatting the elastic fibers found in connective tissue. About 75 percent of people with Marfan syndrome inherit the mutation from one affected parent. A parent who has
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Examples of organ systems that are affected by Marfan Syndrome would be the Skeletal system, the muscular system, your heart and you blood vessels. It would affect your bone by making you very tall, slender, and loose jointed. You’re Arms, legs, fingers, and toes may be disproportionately long in relation to the rest of the body because Marfan syndrome affects the long bones of the skeleton. A person with Marfan syndrome usually has a long, narrow face, and the roof of the mouth may be arched, causing the teeth to be crowded. It weakens and stretches your muscles and begins to place weight on the vertebrae in the lower spine.
It would also start to wear away the bone surrounding the spinal cord. It would also make your heart weaker and more vulnerable to damage and kill the person with the disease. It would then affect your blood vessels by making the large artery that carries blood from the heart to the rest of the body, weak and it will stretch. Then because of this it will increase the risk that the artery will erupt and if it does it will cause serious heart problems or sudden death.
Our Lives are very short and when you have a disease it makes your life even shorter. People with Marfan Syndrome have to face this catastrophe everyday of their lives. Wondering when they will die because of their disease. If I had a genetic disease, I would be very sad and not happy because I would wonder when I would die. The people who don’t

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