Margaret : A Loving And Devoted Mother

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Margaret was a loving and devoted mother; she spent every day caring for and adoring her daughter Helen. Eventually Margaret became ill and could no longer personally tend to her daughters needs but she still remained a great mother. She left her daughter in the care of her two aunts, knowing they would care for her as she would if she was able. During her final days her loving and positive personality never faded, some days it was harder than others for her because she missed her daughter so much. On her deathbed she could still light up the room with her smile and ease the spirits of those around her, she had so much peace and happiness in her heart despite everything going on in her life. Most of her joy came from the love she felt for her daughter Helen, she would ask about her every day and lived for her letters that she received from her. The love the two shared got Margaret through each day. “The sick woman understood that her daughter must remain away, and she said she would reconcile herself to the separation the best she could, for she would rather suffer death than have her child 's health imperiled” (Twain, 11). Margaret lived in a household with her two aunts her daughter once she became a widow; it was very well known that a lie was to never be told, not for any reason. Once Margaret fell ill she was not able to carry out the duties of a parent. One day Helen told a lie and confessed it to her two aunts. Both aunts were furious, and insisted that she tell her

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