Margaret Atwood 's Oryx And Crake

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In Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake, she describes a frightening dystopian futuristic society that consists of the compounds and the pleeblands. The compounds are home to “wealthier” class, that work in industrial plants during the day and enjoy the shopping malls and fancy dining at night. The pleeblands are nearly the exact opposite. Snowman, the main character of the novel and former inhabitant of the compounds, describes them as disease infested, drug ridden ghettos. These two communities could not be further separated. Unfortunately, it appears as if Margaret Atwood’s dystopia is upon us. In Slavoj Zizek’s Violence, we are reminded of the time period just several years ago right after Hurricane Katrina, when the city of New Orleans…show more content…
Zizek is trying to address a systemic problem of objective violence that is a result of global isolation and division. He writes on page 102, “This new racism of the developed is in a way much more brutal than the previous ones: its implicit legitimisation is neither naturalist (the ‘natural’ superiority of the developed West) nor any longer cultural (we in the West want to preserve our cultural identity), but unabashed economic egotism. The fundamental divide is one between those included in the sphere of (relative) economic prosperity and those excluded from it”(102). This quote perfectly describes the global epidemic that we now face, where the global community is so fixated on building walls and turning our heads to those who do not fit our mold. What is more frightening, however, is that economic egotism along with racial and sociological isolation is happening on a domestic basis. It’s not as simple as national pride and desire to keep our cultural intact, as Zizek notes. Rather, in the United States, seen first hand in New Orleans, there is a blatant rejection for those who are not on the same economic and social platform as ourselves(102). In Oryx and Crake, Margaret Atwood illustrates a fantastical world with compounds and pleeblands. Over the course of the book the reader is given many images of the pleeblands. A good example is when
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