Margaret Atwood 's Oryx And Crake

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In Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake, she describes a frightening dystopian futuristic society that consists of the compounds and the pleeblands. The compounds are home to “wealthier” class, that work in industrial plants during the day and enjoy the shopping malls and fancy dining at night. The pleeblands are nearly the exact opposite. Snowman, the main character of the novel and former inhabitant of the compounds, describes them as disease infested, drug ridden ghettos. These two communities could not be further separated. Unfortunately, it appears as if Margaret Atwood’s dystopia is upon us. In Slavoj Zizek’s Violence, we are reminded of the time period just several years ago right after Hurricane Katrina, when the city of New Orleans was in disarray. In this paper, I will dissect the meaning of “new racism” and “economic egotism”, which Zizek uses to describe the state of the modern global community and prove that the dystopian future that Margaret Atwood illustrated in Oryx and Crake is not in our future, but a problem we are facing today. After Hurricane Katrina, debatably the worst hurricane in United States history, the city of New Orleans was in a state of turmoil. Homes were destroyed, businesses were underwater and people were left without anything to call their own. This much can be agreed upon by all. However, Slavoj Zizek is angered by how the rest of the country and particularly the media fell into the narrative that New Orleans became an “orgy of…
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