Margaret Atwood's The Deep Dark Woods

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Once upon a time in The Deep Dark Woods there was a mansion and it was only seven years old. Their lived a family called the Delaware's. There was a mom named Claire and a dad named John. They had 3 kids named Edmund, Annie, and Elly. The kids all wanted a pet. So, the girls wanted a kitten and Edmund wanted a dog but they could only have one pet. So, Claire and John decided to get a kitten because the girls were getting good grades and Edmund didn’t have very much good grades.
One day when the three kids got home from school they found their parents inside the mansion with a box wrapped up with wrapping paper. They told them to open the box. So, they opened the box and found a little kitten inside with black and gray fur. It was meowing in the box and the girls loved it. Edmund looked the it because he wanted a dog instead of a kitten.
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One day when the children got home a bear was there holding the kitten in his paws like he was going to eat it. Edmund saved the kitten by grabbing a stone and throwing it to him. He dropped the kitten and Edmund catches it and the bear ran off. And never came back again. After he saved the kitten and the parents came home. The girls told the story about how Edmund saved the kitten from the giant bear who was going to eat the kitten. A few weeks later Edmunds grades came up and his parent was proud of him because he improved in his grades and all of his grades where back to A's.
So, Claire and John decided to get him a dog. One day they asked him what color dog he wanted and what breed he wanted. He said Golden Retriever as the breed and whatever a Golden Retriever looks like and what color it looked like. So, when he got home from school with the girls he found his parents inside the mansion with a box wrapped with wrapping
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