Margaret Atwood's The Sound Of Music

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The Sound of Music is an iconic musical theatre production, produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber, John Frost, Davis Ian and The Really Useful Group, currently being performed at QPAC in Brisbane. The musical features the uplifting true story of Maria and the Von Trapp families’ flight across the mountains, with countless singing, dancing and acting numbers. Some of the stand out songs formed by the collaboration of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, were “Sixteen Going on Seventeen”, “So Long, Farewell” and “My Favourite Things”.
The story based in Austria in the 1930’s showcases the Von Trapps family’s growth and hope amongst the terror of World War II. Maria, a postulant has a hard time following the guidelines of becoming a nun, is granted
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As the music speeds up so do they and vice versa as it slows. They are constantly moving keeping the audience engaged, making use of the stage, they dance through the space in a range of ways. Their moves are always sharp sudden and strong. The scene could have been enhanced by adding more lighting techniques, to guide the audience through the scene, because it was neutral throughout the whole scene and only dimmed to signal the end of the musical sequence.
A technique used commonly throughout the play is the use of the choreographic device of a canon, in scenes that the Von Trapp children dance together. It makes a positive effect and enhances the quality of the movement that much more. The actors interact with each other in a positive way and engage with the audience by allowing us to be clear of what is happening with the story line.
Overall, I thought that production had chosen immensely talented cast who had amazing chemistry with one another which was portrayed during the whole production, through their interactions. Although the set was usually simple it was well crafted and always fit perfectly with the story singing, dancing and
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