Margaret Elizabeth And Thatchernomics

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Margaret Thatcher, was the first female prime minister of the United Kingdom in 1979. She was known as “The iron lady”. The name represents her roles in politics, as a strong and courageous woman, while some people argued that she was only a witch and not decent. When she passed away, these people celebrated by saying “ Ding dong the witch is dead”. Thatcher was an extreme right wing. During in the road of her politics, Thatcher made a good relationship with Ronald Reagan, the president of the US. Reagan was a former second grade movie actor before entering the parliament. “The great communicator”, referring him as he was good at speaking and persuading. Both Thatcher and Reagan had similar views…show more content…
To busting the unions and develop the economy in the country, she believes that it is best to cut down government spending, such as welfares and social services. Therefore, the nation could storage and increase more money. For example, she took away milk that was provided for free for elementary school students in which she thought it was reasonable to do and nothing wrong with it. In terms of labors, not only she took away jobs from the working class but she provided benefits for the rich. However, in 1984, Thatcher wanted to shut down coal mines even though there were a lot of coals available still at that time. It is believed that her claims did not make sense as if only she needed to create more profits and wipe out the labor unions including the miners. However, the workers knew what was going to happen, so they decided to go for strikes but unfortunately they failed to Thatcher in the end in which 20,000 mining workers were injured, around 200 imprisoned and about a thousand got kicked out of the job. As a result, the mining union workers and other working class were struggle, unemployed, and hopeless due to her
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