Margaret Fishero. Sarah Owens. English 12 Honors Dual Credit.

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Margaret Fishero Sarah Owens English 12 Honors Dual Credit 16 March, 2017 Term Paper Pollution is one of the biggest global killers, affecting nearly 100 million people. Pollution comes in many different forms and affects the world and the environment in many different ways. Along with the best known pollutants such as water, air, and land, there are other pollutants that many people do not know much about. These include light, noise, thermal, and household pollution and are all just as damaging as the most known ones. Pollution is an introduction of a harmful or poisonous substance into the environment that has a negative effect on life around it. Pollution is deadly, and it is destroying the only world suitable for life. Pollution is a…show more content…
Ship operations and bilge cleanings release around 137 million gallons of water into the ocean a year. When it rains, hydrocarbons that are released from cars and industry settle from the air into the ocean releasing 92 million gallons of dangerous hydrocarbons into the marine environment. 37 million gallons of spilled oil in the ocean is due to major tanker accidents. One big spill, however, can affect not only sea life but also shore life for miles. Offshore drilling causes 15 million gallons of oil to be spilled into the ocean per year due to operational discharges and other spills. Although humans cause much of the oil pollution, natural seeping is also a large contributor. Natural seepage comes from the bottom of the ocean and also from sedimentary rocks that are gradually wearing away. Natural seeps allow 62 million gallons of oil to be released into the ocean per year. (Gradwohl) This roughly means that around 706 million gallons of oil are dumped into the ocean every single year, threatening the lives of fish and sea creatures and destroying the luscious marine environment. Not only is oil a factor that contributes to water pollution, but garbage is also. 14 billion pounds of garbage, mainly plastic, is deposited into the ocean per year, and only one to two percent of plastic is recycled out of the 10.5 million tons of plastic America alone produces each year. There is so much waste in the oceans that the title Garbage Patch has been given to

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