Margaret Marshall The Chief Juice Of The Supreme Judicial Court

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Margaret Marshall the chief Juice of the supreme Judicial Court argues marriage is a vital institution, the commitment should be between two people who offer mutual support to children, and to bring stability to our society. Marriage provides legal, financial, and social benefits. Which leads to legal, social, and financial obligations. The department of health states the purpose of marriage is to have children, the state is only interested if children are involved. She believes the court is downgrading marriage gay marriage for no rational reason. The responses from the court could prevent children with homosexual parents from enjoying a stable family structure; it does not make sense to penalize children because of parent’s sexual orientation. Marshall provides three rational reasons that the Massachusetts government agreed on, but does not provide a sensible foundation. The three reasons provided are guaranteeing the best setting for child bearing, providing a favorable setting for procreation, but preserving the unusual state and private financial resources. The law on public marriage does not give rights to homosexual couples over heterosexual, or other ways of bearing couples. The point is most heterosexuals couples do not produce off spring, and fertility is not required to get married. The second reason presented by Marshalls is there is not proof that shows homosexual couples are better at raising children, but there is a possibility that heterosexual couples are
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