Margaret Mitchell's Choices

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“You must be brave“ (Mitchell 272). Born in a society where men are expected to carry the burden of keeping the family safe and well fed, Scarlett must learn to push aside the social standards of her community in order to protect what she loves most in the world. To gain the strength she needs, Scarlett taps into her passion and anger to fight back and thrive in this new society that is growing around her. The hard choices that Scarlett makes, choices that are severely frowned upon and discouraged, are the choices that inevitably save Tara and takes care of all of the people she has to be responsible for. In Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind, we find the strong, young Scarlett O’Hara who has a great passion for her two great loves. Scarlett…show more content…
Scarlett offers him a job running one of the mills that she has started so that way Ashley can stay close to her. “But I’m offering you a half-interest in the mill, Ashley! You would be standing on your own feet because—you see, it would be your own business” (Mitchell 717). She is giving Ashley the chance to start something for himself and keep him close to her. Scarlett knows that she is causing Ashley pain and distress by expressing herself to him so Scarlett agrees to not throw herself at him. “’You need not go,’ she said clearly. I won’t have you all starve, simply because I’ve thrown myself at your head. It will never happen again’” (Mitchell 526). By backing off, Scarlett is giving Ashley the chance to stay at Tara where is family can be safe and taken care of even when it is hurting Scarlett to lose…show more content…
The war changed the standards of society and Scarlett is forced to change if she wants be able to have a better life for herself and those she loves. Scarlett is having to become the man of the family and she is an incredibly rare woman who can face the challenges that are brought forward head on. Also, Scarlett is undoubtedly the most passionate character in Gone with the Wind and that passion allows her to not only protect the man she loves, but also helps her to push through the challenges of saving Tara. Although the decisions she makes are not always what women of that era should do, they are also decisions that women at that time are not supposed to be making and many of the other women do not have to make those hard choices. Scarlett succeeds is protecting what she loves because she does not allow society’s limitations to what she should do and be to hold her
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