Margaret Sanger See Pity For Teenage Mothers And Abstinent Couples

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Primary Sources: “Margaret Sanger Seeks Pity for Teenage Mothers and Abstinent Couples, 1928”
1) Margaret Sanger wrote a book because she wanted to help women that was having multiple children some at a very early age as early as age 12. She wanted to received help for these women, in doing so she received many letters that contained heartfelt stories of young at one time vibrant women pleading for help to receive help. These women wanted birth control to prevent pregnancy. Margaret wanted to promote awareness, having multiple children have major devastating effects that can bring on a woman’s body. Many of these women are young a fragile back then there weren’t any comfort or help that was offered for women. There were many diseases, sickness, mental and just emotionally draining to be a mother with multiple children it took a toll on their bodies. Many of them wasn’t financially stable. Most of these women get married at a very early age and without birth control they continue to have children. Margaret expressed that women should be given a choice on how many children that they choose to have and should be offered proper education and prevention to pregnancy.
2) Margret received thousands of letters from women crying out for help. Four letters in particular was from a woman that was 12 years old when she married and right before her birthday she had her first child. At the age of 30 she is a mother of eleven children. She expressed that her health is declining and

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