Margaret Sanger 's Revolution For Women 's Rights

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Margaret Sanger’s Revolution for Women’s Rights Today the world’s population consists of more than seven billion people living on Earth, half of which are of men and the other half women. Now imagine living in a world where those seven billion people didn’t have rights connected to their own bodies. In the field of reproductive rights, imagine if there was no form of contraceptives, birth control, or any type of sexual education information to the public. The world would be in shambles being over-populated beyond capacity for life on Earth. This have might have been the case if it weren’t for the advocate in her field called Margaret Sanger. Sanger was a wife, mother, nurse, entrepreneur, and founder of world wide organization known as…show more content…
Upon becoming a nurse she took care of many poor families in the urban overcrowded streets of families that lived in New York. One particular case she always told was the story of Sadie Sachs which influenced her to really do something about women’s rights and control over their own bodies. That influenced me to pick her to write and research about her. As the story went Sanger said, “Sadie had developed an infection from an illegal abortion and begged Sanger and the doctor to tell her how to prevent another child, thinking it would kill her. The doctor scoffed at her remark and promptly left, leaving Sachs with Sanger. She begged for her to tell her a way to prevent conception, but Sanger could not tell her anything, as it was illegal,” (Katzive, 2015, p. 128). She felt enraged by how she couldn’t simply help a women in need of wanting to learn how to prevent herself from having any more children. After the incident she met her future husband, William Sanger and together they had three children. Not only did William give Margaret the gift of children and a family, but also gave her the opportunity to finally share her knowledge of the topic pertaining to women and the use of contraception. Since William belonged the Socialist Party, Sanger became affiliated with The New York Call. This was a socialist newspaper where not only did she write a column on birth control, but later she got an opportunity to create her own newspaper which was called The Woman Rebel.
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