Margaret Sanger 's The First Birth Control Movement

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Margaret Sanger revolutionized the world in a important way. Margaret Sanger was known for leading the birth control movement. She financed the research needed to develop “the pill”, an easy form of birth control that women could take themselves. She also founded the Planned Parenthood Federation Of America continuing her legacy of authoritative work to allow parenthood and birth control to be much easier. Margaret Sanger left a legacy of leading the birth control movement.
Margaret Sanger was born on September 14th, 1879 to Anne Purcell Higgins and Michael Hennessy Higgins. Anne Higgins had been pregnant 18 times but had only given birth to 11 children, She was a devout Roman Catholic. She died a tragic death of tuberculosis when she was just 50 years old. Although many people attribute Margaret Sanger’s support of birth control to her mother’s many unwanted pregnancies, Margaret Sanger was largely influenced by her father, Michael Higgins. He was an activist for women’s suffrage. he believed women deserved to have more than just child-rearing and housekeeping in their lives. He was a freethinking atheist who strongly supported free public education. He earned his living carving marble. Margaret heard these beliefs growing up and they inspired her to change a woman’s place in the world.
Margaret was inspired to help the cause of birth control because of the difficulties caused by too many pregnancies. She believed women had a right to control their own body and make the
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