Margaret Sanger Essay

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Years ago, a woman’s life was a very stressful job. This was due to having countless numbers of kids, which did not always help when it came to making the lives of women simpler. The women had to deal with the cleaning, cooking, and taking care of all of her and her husband's’ children while the men were at work all day. During the 1920s, this became an outrage and women demanded a say in if they wanted to have kids or not. They affected their everyday lives and wasn’t going to take full responsibility of having to raise an extreme amount of kids while the men never helped care for them. The answer to all their problems was solved with the help of a woman named, Margaret Sanger. In 1916, Sanger opened the first ever birth control clinic, but she and her staff were arrested because of the clinic nine days after it was opened. Unfortunately, they were charged with providing information on contraception and fitting women for diaphragms. Sanger spent 30 days in jail for this, but of course, that didn’t stop her from promoting women’s right to birth control. Margaret was always an observative person which helped her see that having a lot of kids took a toll on women. Margaret was one of 11 children and she would notice that all of her mother’s pregnancies made her weak. …show more content…

Back then life itself wasn’t easy and having countless kids didn’t help either. In today’s society birth control has become such a critical variable when it comes to the everyday lives of these hard working mothers. In conclusion, Margaret Sanger can be seen as an icon for all the hard work and braveness it took for something as enormous as this to happen and us women will forever be

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