Margaret Thatcher : Early Life

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Margaret Thatcher Early Life On the 13th of October 1925, a young baby girl was born for a reason, simply to change the world. Born and raised in Margaret Hilda Roberts in Grantham, Lincolnshire was Margaret Roberts. She studied in Oxford University, Somerville College, and Grantham Girl’s High school. Brief Biography During her term in the office, Margaret transformed almost every facet of British politics, she revitalized the economy, rebuilding the outdated establishment, and electrifying the nation’s foreign policy. Margaret Thatcher challenge and did very much to topple the attitude of decline, which had become rooted in the nation. She strived for national recovery with great energy and assurance. In the development process, Margaret Thatcher became one of the founders of a conservative conviction politics school. It has a compelling and enduring impact on politics that in turn earned her a higher profile figure than any other British politician. Margaret Thatcher’s government helped her to embolden wider international movements when she successfully shifted British economy to the right. With this there was a spread of democracy and improvement of free markets strengthened political and economic freedom. Margaret Thatcher became one of the world 's most dominant and well-respected political leaders, as well as one of the most controversial, aggressive, and blunt figure. 1925 – 1947 Thatcher’s early life had a rather convincing role in determining her political
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