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Tracey Bunce and Christie Leszczynski CURR 438 Author Study – Margret and H.A. Rey Due: 11/27/2012 Margret and H.A. Rey are well known authors of the popular children’s series starring Curious George. What is not so well known about them is why these books and others they have written contain the themes that they do. Margret and H.A. Rey had a very rich and tumultuous life before publishing their first children’s book. Their Jewish heritage during an age of war against Jews and the subsequent escape by bike to safety inspired a lot of George’s narrow escapes from trouble after being too curious. They are husband and wife and also a fully self-dependent author illustrator team. The illustrations across all of their books reflect a…show more content…
Margret worked for an advertising agency and H.A. Rey was a salesman when they met at a party in Germany. Shortly after, but not at the same time, they moved to Rio in Brazil and reunited. After working and living in Rio, they decided to get married and honeymooned in Paris, France, where they decided to stay to live. Here, they both worked with music, art, and advertising. They shared a mutual love for writing and telling stories. H.A. Rey wrote, illustrated, and published the Cecily G. book after recommendation from a newspaper editor to do so. The war was going on and Jews living in France were in danger as the Nazi’s moved toward invading, eventually creating Vichy France and sending Jews from France to concentration camps to be killed. Margret and H.A. Rey literally escaped a day before they came. Ideas including the feeling of almost being trapped, narrowly escaping danger, and leading a life of adventure in many different ways sets up the common themes that readers see throughout the Curious George series and other stories written by the couple. Their lives are reflected by the stories of this monkey. George’s natural need to learn and his curiosity for all different parts of the world reflect the Rey’s openness to new culture and adventure. Moving around not only with jobs but to different countries very much enriched their worldly experience and own curiosity. George’s narrow escapes from danger parallel that of the couple escaping

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