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Margaret (Peggy) O’Neal (who preffered to be called Margaret) was born in 1799 in Washington DC. She was the daughter of William O’Neal, who owned a thriving boarding house and tavern called the Franklin House in that same town. It was frequented by senators, congressmen, and all politicians. She was the oldest of six children, growing up in the midst of our nation’s emerging political scene. She was always a favorite of the visitors to the Franklin House. She was sent to one of the best schools in Washington DC, where she studied English and French grammar, needlework and music. She also had quite a talent for dance, and was sent to private lessons, becoming a very good dancer. At the age of twelve, she danced for the First Lady Dolley…show more content…
The real cause for the disapproval was that Margaret and Eaton had been living together before Timberlake was killed. There were also rumors that Margaret had miscarried Eaton’s child before they were married, but it is hard to say if there is any truth in that.

All of the preceding events rose many eyebrows in Washington DC, especially among the elite politician’s wives. Floride Calhoun, wife of Vice President John Calhoun, accepted a social call from the Eatons after their marriage, but refused to pay a return visit. This was viewed in Washington DC as a snub. Jackson’s advisors encouraged him not to appoint Eaton into his cabinet, saying that his reputation would damage Jackson’s chances for the Presidency. This only angered Jackson, who recalled the earlier mistreatment of his wife, Rachel, during his first run for the presidency. There had been a misunderstanding about her previous divorce, and it turned out that she and Jackson had not been married when they had thought, since her divorce was not yet final. They had in fact, been living quite publicly in sin for over two years. They quickly repeated their vows, but the political and personal repercussions had already taken effect. Rachel died of a heart attack less than three months before Jackson’s inauguration, and Jackson always blamed his competing party for her death.

Jackson was determined to have the Eatons accepted in polite
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