Marge Piercy's Poem A Work Of Artifice

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A Work of Artifice Women have historically been mistreated and considered the weaker gender , while men are seen as the dominant gender. “Feminism isn't about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It's about changing the way the world perceives that strength.” - G.D Anderson. This quote from G.D Anderson corresponds to Marge Piercy’s poem “A Work of Artifice”. “A Work of Artifice” is an allegory published in 1999. The speaker is a feminist and the poem is written in third person. The poem sets a sarcastic tone while talking about the oppression of women and how women suffer in society. Piercy uses poetic devices such as metaphors, diction and allusions to show how society subjugates women to fit the “accepted” idea of beauty. Throughout “A Work of Artifice” , an extended metaphor of a Bonsai Tree is used. The Bonsai tree represents a women. A gardener is also used to represent a man and/or society. The speaker expresses that the Bonsai Tree could have grown eighty feet tall but was pruned by a gardener to be…show more content…
Diction is used very early in “A work of ARTIFICE” , the word artifice is a relevant example of the use of diction. When the reader first sees the word “art” in artifice, an image of beauty arouses the mind. However, artifice has nothing to do with beauty , it actually means to deceive others. This is seen in the poem as the bonsai tree or the women is being oppressed to fit the ideal image of beauty in society. Another relevant example of the use of diction is the word “pruned”. Pruned is often associated with cutting down a tree or plant to make it look more attractive . In the poem the gardener pruned the bonsai tree. Through this , the speaker shows how society suppresses women from reaching their full protein to fit their stereotype and remain “attractive”. The use of diction compliments the extended metaphor and helps show how society subjugates
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