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Margin call is an american movie, realizd by JC Chandor in 2011 The story This movie explains how crisis in 2008 happened in a financial institution in New York. The company exists since 137 years with John Tuld as the Chief Executive Officer. The leader of trading operation is Sam Rogers. He is in the company since 34 years. First of all, there is the layoff of Eric Dale, the financial analyst. We can see a comparison with Lehman Brothers when bankers leave the company with a case under arms and the telephone line were cut instantaneously. While Dale is being escorted out, he gives Peter a USB memory stick with a project he had been working on, telling him to "be careful" just as he boards the elevator. During the night,…show more content…
At the beginnig, he does not want to sell all of the toxic assets but finally, he accepted and the next morning, he ordonned to his employees to do this. All of employees were performed. Peter Sullivan, who worked since 18 months in the company is talented. It’s thanks to him with his figures analysis that the company knows that it can be the bankruptcy. Without Peter Sullivan, the company would have been a big surprise… Will Emerson, the trading desk head since 10 years, is the first personn who knows the discovery of figures analysis of Peter Sullivan. Moreover, there is Sarah Robertson and Jared Cohen, Chiefs risk management officer. This is Jared Cohen who wants to sell all toxic assets. He suggests to the CEO. John Tuld wants to dismiss Sarah Robertson after. John Tuld is the Chief Executive Officer of the bank. He accepts the proposal of Jared Cohen to sell all toxic assests before the opening of stock exchange. A secondary character in the story is Seth Bregman, a young trader and a friend of Peter Sullivan. He attends to all major decisions of the company for this crisis situation. My opinion about the movie I find this movie very interesting, from financial side as much as decisions making. With not really affinity for finance, I was a little bit afraid of this movie, but there are not many figures. This movie explains especially how making decisions, how

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