Marginalization As A Social Problem For Decades Essay

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Marginalization in higher education has been a social problem for decades. Many social groups feel as though they are on the outside of an elite circle that has more privileges than others. As a marginalized group, military dependents struggle with navigating the ways of the college world. The military life provides challenges for students, for many who grow up in this kind of lifestyle, and do not know what it is like to adapt to other students who have never moved once in their life. Granted, this particular group is not fully understood, and in order to come to a full understanding, one must be able to see marginalization as a definition and how it relates to military dependents, where the problems lie within the group and its solutions, and finally be able to understand that military dependents can also be understood through a literary piece of work. Those on the outside of military life, otherwise known as civilians, have a tendency to believe that the military is within the “power circle.” To most, it appears that way simply because the military work very closely with those within this “circle” – the United States government. Soldiers go to war when told, move to different countries and states when told, and work and train endless hours because it is required of them. This can make it seem like the benefits that active duty members and their dependents receive are given as “special treatment” and favoritism. Yet, not everything is as it seems from what is projected in
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