Margo's Relationship With Sarah

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It’s been a long time since Margo, a sassy, overachiever, with a strong-willed character, last seen her, at one time, close friends. Pondering a road trip, Margo laid out a dusty map on a table top, popping bubbles with her sugar-free gum; she traced her freshly-black-painted fingernail across the Seattle area. She settled on Seashore, Washington. Not only did Margo want to take a vacation, but to mend her relationship with Sarah. Sarah, a bubbly yet fragile soul, was Margo's best friend until she made the worst mistake of her life and slept with her then boyfriend. Poor Sarah walked in mid-thrust. Sarah’s never forgiven Margo for the betrayal. Margo Harrison, 36, called Sarah for the first time in five years to make arrangements for the trip.
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