Margot's Monologue

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“Goodbye mom! Goodbye dad! Goodbye! Bye!” Margot called as she got on the spaceship. She was going to Venus because Earth is now too over populated. Margot sat in her seat. She’s only four years old and she was going to a whole new planet, away from her parents. She waited on the ship, getting ready to leave. “Goodbye Mr. Sun,” Margot said sadly because she knew that it would be raining when she got there. It had been raining for at least a couple of years and she knew she would not see it for a long time. Back on Venus... “Look! That must be the new girl! I wonder if she's seen the sun! Is it pretty?! I've always wanted to know!” one of the girls exclaimed. This group of kids had been on Venus since they were two so they don’t remember seeing the sun. When Margot arrived, the children greeted her with a million questions like, “What’s the sun like,” “Is it bright?”, “What color is it” and many others.…show more content…
I mean she’s not like ‘the chosen one’ right?” Those words hurt Margot. She just got there and was already making enemies. But that’s alright, she thought, he’s just jealous. He’ll get over it soon. “Come in children! I don’t want you to get wet!” That sounded like a grown woman’s voice. “Coming teacher!” all the children called at once. So that’s the teacher, she thought, that’s
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