Maria Alejandrina Cervantes in Chronicle of a Death Foretold

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Maria Alejandrina Cervantes—Commentary—Chronicle of a Death Foretold

“I dreamed that a woman was coming into the room with a little girl in her arms, and that the child was chewing without stopping to take a breath, and that half-chewed kernels of corn were falling into the woman’s brassiere. The woman said to me: ‘She crunches like a nutty nuthatch, kind of sloppy, kind of slurpy.’ Suddenly I felt the anxious fingers that were undoing the buttons of my shirt, and I caught the dangerous smell of the beast of love lying on my back, and I felt myself sinking into the delights of quicksand of her tenderness.” (89-90).

Maria Alejandrina Cervantes, the voluptuous, tasteful, tender prostitute in Chronicle of a Death Foretold has more
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The responsibility to warn Santiago Nasar about the Vicario brothers was but in the hands of the townspeople, who failed to save him. If Santiago Nasar really is a religious figure of a savior, and that the world failed to save him, the world will end. Actually, the first dreams in the book, those of Santiago Nasar, are initially interpreted to symbolize a salubrious future for him. However, the dreams are later seen again as symbols of his unfortunate death. The ambiguous mood can relate to the many differing perspectives on the end of the world. For example, there are some people who believe in science in that the world will live to be millions and millions year older, while others believe that reputed seer Nostradamus’s prediction that the world will end in 2012.
The second part of the quote displays a tremendous amount of imagery that is used effectively to convey the notion of the apocalypse. This quote, on the surface, simply depicts Maria Alejandrina Cervantes about to have sex with the narrator. Marquez, however, uses elegant, flowing diction that conveys the author’s message of the end of the world. Since prostitutes and whores are typically considered “sinners”, Maria Alejandrina Cervantes could also represent Satan. In the book, Maria Alejandrina Cervantes is constantly shrouded
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