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[pic] Maria Fe Perez-Agudo A product of an all-girls Catholic school in Manila, believes in the capability of women to climb the corporate ladder even in industries known to be men’s turf. Her own ascent to the top position at the fastest-growing car distributor in the Philippines changed the face of the once male-dominated automotive industry. “I believe in the power of the feminine genius,” the amiable Agudo says, as she encourages women to explore more avenues. “Unleash and maximize that inner power. Choose to seek opportunities, add value, deliver results, and most importantly, love what you’re doing,” she says. Agudo speaks from experience. Married and a mother of two, she is the president and chief executive of…show more content…
“Hari wants Filipinos to experience Hyundai not just as a car but a space where customers experience life’s most brilliant moments,” she says. Importers group Aside from leading Hari, Agudo also serves as the president of the Association of Vehicle Importers and Distributors. Other members of Avid include The Covenant Car Co., Motor Image Pilipinas, Cats Motors, PGA Cars, Scandinavian Motors and British United Automobiles. Avid saw its sales rise 4 percent to 24,880 units in 2011 and expects a double-digit growth this year, on improved supply condition and stable economy. This would allow the group to increase their combined market share to 20 percent from 15 percent in 2011, cutting into the share of rival group Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines Inc. Agudo says the recent announcement of Ford Group Philippines to stop manufacturing operations in the country should serve as a challenge to both the government and the automotive industry to review current policies, strategies and directions. “This is an opportunity to seek the best program to advance the growth and development of the Philippine automotive industry, in the interest of boosting the country’s overall economy. We are happy that Ford Philippines will continue to do business here as a distributor,” she says. Good corporate citizen Agudo says Hari nurtures a strong partnership with the government. “Hari takes pride in

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