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Reflection Paper: Maria Full of Grace Washington Irving said once, “There is in every true woman's heart, a spark of heavenly fire, which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity, but which kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity”[1] which I feel describes the main character of Maria in the movie Maria Full of Grace (MFG); Maria lives in Columbia and due to her financial situation becomes a drug mule for money all the while pregnant at the age of seventeen. In the movie, Maria struggles with the rationale of staying true to herself of being good person and doing the right thing while still wanting to make money for her strains to survive day to day. Maria also fights with the notion of wanting a better life…show more content…
In the movie MFG, the audience is shown that Maria knew she was pregnant prior to becoming a drug mule, some say that this illustrates her lack of maturity, lack of judgment and lack of responsibility by risking the health of her unborn child; however, others view it as part of her survival and resiliency managing her personal and family issues problems first over her own well-being. In my opinion I feel that she is a little bit of both: reckless and responsible at the same time. Reckless in the sense that she knew she was pregnant, didn’t think about her own health, the idea that she may die from doing this if he crack packet opens in her stomach or the idea of killing or harming her unborn child. On the flip side, she was thinking about her mother working tirelessly long hours, her sister needing money for her son who was sick and her grandmothers needs and she wasn’t thinking about herself which shows she’s very responsible and cares about her family situation. Like many people Maria’s life is complicated with thoughts about her family’s well being first and her life and needs second. A term coined by Bacallao & Smokowski (2007) called “familism [which] involves a deeply ingrained sense of the individual being inextricably rooted in the family. The term encompasses attitudes, behaviors, and family structures within an extended family

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