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Maria Garcia International:


Maria Garcia is an established name in the field of beauty products. Maria 's childhood dream of producing her own range of top quality skincare and fragrance of the soul arrived during 1997.

As with her illustrious predecessor, Coco Chanel, Maria Garcia came from humble beginnings. She was born on Madiera and then together with her family came to South Africa as a child.

As an adult, Maria honed her skills working for other cosmetic firms. In 1993, the entrepreneurial spirit came forth and she launched a vibrant cosmetic company. She spent three years building that company into a highly successful enterprise that was later acquired by a major American cosmetic group.

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Garcia. To further ensure the goal of integrity and quality, the team continuously works closely with top industry experts.

Maria Garcia 's philosophy is that no matter if you’re a woman, man or child, if you’ll dedicate five (5) minutes in the morning and another five (5) minutes in the evening with our products, you’ll see your skin transform and transition toward a more youthful appearance, a smoother texture and a suppleness you thought you had lost. For children, our philosophy is that skin that is well-taken care of skin from a young age is a foundation for a lifetime.

In the current increasingly competitive skincare industry, retailers constantly seek new and innovative products, which will attract Consumers to purchase. Floor-space dedicated to low turnover products reduces the asset turnover of not just the retailer’s cosmetic market channel, but also the overall enterprise’s asset turnover results.

Cosmetic products in the “A/B” market that generate high asset turnover typically generate high net revenues for the enterprise. MG Visions International (PTY) Limited will increase customer/ consumer traffic, will increase product turnover and will increase sales revenues for retailers who carry our product lines.

The Brands

The Companies develop and market the following brand lines:

• MG Labs (Skincare)
• MG Labs Fragrances and Colognes
• Maria Garcia (Skincare)
• Maria Garcia Fragrances and Colognes

MG Labs targets the upper end of the

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