Maria Isabella Boyd aka Belle Boyd Essay

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Have you ever dreamt of living an adventurous life? Well for me that was reality. I was a spy and actress, mercilessly charming Union officers into giving me information. Dubbed 'La Belle Rebelle' by a French war correspondent, I went by the name Belle Boyd instead of my original name, Maria Isabella Boyd. I have gone in and out of jail, marriages, and careers (three of each). Throughout the whole ordeal though, I have been constant in my loyalty to the Confederacy. Born on May 4, 1843, I was raised just like any other southern lady. My father was a merchant, and I grew up in Martinsburg, West Virginia with my parents, several brothers, one sister, and grandmother. I attended Mount Washington Female College of Baltimore from age 12 to …show more content…
I raised money for the South until I became more active. My spying career began by chance. A band of drunken Union officers broke into my home and insulted my mother. The horror! I drew a pistol and shot a man. Though I was acquitted of the crime, officers still kept close watch over me. I took advantage of them and bewitched them into revealing military secrets. I made my slave, Eliza Hopewell, carry the secret messages to confederate soldiers in a hollowed out watchcase.
Then one warm May evening in 1862, a Union troop gathered in my local hotel. I hid upstairs, eavesdropping through a hole on the floorboards. It was exciting to hear secrets poured out, and the adrenaline pumped through my blood. I rode out acting and bluffing my way past the Union sentries and conveyed my information, which allowed Jackson?s army to win a battle. I braved enemy fire that put holes in my skirt. For my contributions, I was awarded the position of captain, a true honor. I continued to carry more messages after that. Romance led me in and out of trouble, one beau betrayed me while another saved me. C.W.D. Smitely, one sweetheart, told about my spying escapades. I was sent to Capital Prison on July 29 1862. Soon after leaving it, I was imprisoned in Old Carroll Prison in Washington D.C. It wasn?t too bad though, I spent my time living like royalty reading fashionable magazines and eating delicacies brought by

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