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Maria’s keyboard slowly clicks as she adds more to her story. She urges herself forward until one page fills, then another, then she’s moving on to the seventh chapter. Still, looking at the page count, she’s ready to give up. Why can’t I write anything?
Page 99 Maria’s come 99 pages, which should encourage her, but every glance at the bar on the side of the book makes her want to stop. Her head is swarming with new ideas, but every time she wants to start over she realizes that no new novel would be any easier. So she keeps going. It’s easy to see that this novel is her best one yet, and thoughts of publishing are the only things that keep her motivated. Pages slowly creak out, sometimes one per day, sometimes less. She tries to balance writing with
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She hadn’t imagined the charachters so vividly. She hadn’t realized just what she had written or how much she had overestimated the challenge of finishing it. All she had to do was exctly what she had already done - in just a few weeks - again. She had thought she was too young or too inexperienced to write somthing amazing or intricate or meaningful, but as she read over her novel she realized that she already had. Of course she’s not completely satisfied. She spent almost half an hour fixing mistakes or awkward parts, and she’s still sure that the next person to read it would find a few typos if not grammar mistakes. No, her book wasn’t perfect, but it was still incredible. Every page seems to, instead of wearing her out, motivate her to continue on to the next one. It is like she has rediscovered the kind of writing she had loved when she was younger, the kind she still often found with a short story or school assignment. Without straining herself, she finishes ten pages, fifteen, twenty, thirty.
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Maria knows her characters perfectly. In every scene, she barely has to think about what they should say - they just say
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