Maria Montessori Her Life and Work

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Montessori Education SA Montessori, Pre-Primary Philosophy 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS Covering Page 1 Table Of Contents 2 1 Write a page about Maria Montessori’s family, 4 where they lived, her father’s profession, her mother and her siblings 2 Where did Maria Montessori go to school, what did she study and why 5 3 Write about Maria Montessori’s Medical training, why, where 6 4 Note where she first practised medicine, why, and what did she learn 7 5 What was the ‘Children’s House’, where was it located, 9 what was Maria Montessori’s role 6 When did Maria Montessori first start writing and why 11 7 Why do you think Maria Montessori never married, substantiate with…show more content…
 At the age of twelve the family moved to Rome here she could receive a better education.  At fourteen a keen interest in mathematics developed and Maria really enjoyed it, this was an interest that she carried throughout her life.  Her parents suggested that she follow a career in teaching as this was one of the only professions available to young woman in the male dominated society in which Maria Montessori lived. She would not even consider it at this point.  Due to her mathematical mind she decided she would like to follow a career in engineering which was seen as a very unusual career for a young lady.  Maria Montessori attended a technical school for boys and graduated in 1886 and received very high marks in all her subjects her final score being 137 out of 150.  After this she “attended Regio Instituto Tecnico Leonardo da Vinci from 1886 to 1890 (Kramer 1976)”. It was here that she studied modern languages and natural sciences her favourite of all her classes was math. Question Three: - Write about her medical training, why, where, etc?  When she was ready to graduate she was very drawn to the study of biological sciences her family were shocked to say the least but her father was very disapproving of her desire to study medicine he stopped short of forbidding her to continue with this idea.  Maria first checked with the University of Rome and spoke to “Dr Guido Bacelli the head of the board of education”. Dr
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