Maria Montessori Is One Of The Many Early Childhood Theorist

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Maria Montessori is one of the many early childhood theorist we have. Although there are many I chose to write about her, because of her unique theories. Maria was born in Italy in 1870 to Her father, Allessandro Montessori a retired army officer. Her mother, Renilde Stoppani Montessori, an intelligent, modern-thinking woman from a wealthy family. As a young child, Maria’s mom taught her how to knit, and in her spare time she would knit for the poor. This act of kindness was to teach her to be compassionate. Maria was a great leader in her elementary school. She figured out her level of intelligence was average, but was good at exams. She never really like the repetition and set up of her classrooms growing up. In the older times women…show more content…
It didn’t last long by 1940 there were only a few Montessori schools. When World War II began, Maria packed her things and was forced to move. She moved to India where she developed a program called Education for Peace. Her work with the program earned her two Nobel Peace Prize nominations. The Montessori approach supports the use of interesting, reality based tools that work to keep children involved and motivated in the educational process. It Constructs a road map to long life learning by incorporating skills to navigate situations and produce informed decisions based on deductive reasoning, regardless of what situations or questions may arise. The Montessori approach is lauded for building self-esteem in students because it encourages analytical thinking, which is a basic problem-solving tool. Montessori is credited with supporting the development of strong learning skills, which leads to a greater sense of accomplishment among students and promotes a greater sense of independence later in life. Studies show that Montessori students tend to achieve at a greater rate than students in traditional programs; however, critics say that the method is insufficiently standardized, and its efficacy has not been deeply evaluated. The Montessori Method was a radical philosophy at the time which contradicted and challenged many of the existing beliefs about 'whole-class learning ' the acquisition of knowledge and the development of early human cognition. Montessori

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