Maria, The Only Latina, And The Person Of Color

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Introduction In this scenario, Maria, who is of Latino ancestry made a complaint about being passed over for a promotion because she is a Latina; she was born in America, and is a second generation. Maria holds a graduate degree, and has been with this company for 10 years, but has been in her position for seven years. The person who got the promotion was Alex, who is an Anglo, and has a graduate degree. However, he has less time in the company or in this position, and had better evaluations than Maria. Maria is the only Latina, and the only person of color; she believes that the reason her evaluations were lower, were because of bias towards white males, and because of the fear of clients not being able to understand her accent. Maria claimed that her company was being discriminatory towards her. The company says that she is a good employee, but that she is loud and aggressive when talking with her follower workers and superiors. The company also states that Maria is tardy a lot, and that she always cites her family as the reason to this problem. According to the company, Maria’s rapid speaking and accent would make it hard for her to communicate with clients. From this scenario, it brings up the issue of how women are still seen as being inferior to men when it comes to the business setting (Harvey & Allard, 2012). This scenario also talks about how someone who is part of the minority is also seen as being inferior to White Americans. From all of this, it creates a
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