Maria Theresa 's Influence On Her Personality

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From this statement, a conclusion about Maria Theresa can be drawn in regards to her personality. She seemed to be concerned for her children and their success, but she seemed more so concerned with how people would have viewed her if her children had done anything to embarrass her. Maria Theresa was considered by many to be a loving mother, always surrounded by her family. However, according to The World of Habsburgs, Marie Antoinette accused her of putting on a show so public opinion about her would be good. The website quotes Marie Antoinette saying, “‘As soon as news arrived of the arrival of a foreigner of importance in Vienna, the Empress surrounded herself with her family, brought him to the table and by means of this calculated demonstration of closeness evoked the belief that she herself supervised her children’s upbringing.’” Maria Theresa actually had rough relationships with quite a few of her children, many of which felt that she chose favorites and expected too much of the ones who were not. One major example of this favoritism is, her relationship with her daughter, Maria Christina. Maria Theresa actually allowed Maria Christina to marry for love, while she forced, arguably her least favorite daughter, Maria Amalia, into a marriage against her will for the purpose of political gain. This was all despite the fact that Maria Theresa herself had been allowed to marry for love, even when her father knew she would likely inherit the throne. This ruined the…
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