Mariah Carey Research Paper

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If we are to cite to things that are slowly taking the scene right now, it’s definitely the fast approaching Holidays and the voice of pop diva Mariah Carey blasting from the radio and our mobile music streaming applications. Yearly, the combination of the aforementioned two never failed to make us feel giddy and excited to celebrate some great time with the family, or make us prepare the right pieces of clothing to complete our Yuletide ensemble. Mariah Carey had been around since time immemorial and her influence not only as a music icon but a fashion advocate had been felt, followed and patronized over the last couple of years. Now, Mariah Carey is up to surprise everyone not with songs but a must-awaited collaboration and people from all over the planet is just frenetic to see what will it be.…show more content…
Glitter-star Mariah Carey would be setting the bar high and sparkly this season as she teams up with MAC for another make-up line that will certainly shake the ground with glee and joy. It can be remembered that Mariah Carey’s first collection with the same company raked in a plethora of fans swearing by the nude lipstick called “All I Want” and other make-up pieces that are unmistakably patterned with Carey’s attribution to fame and stardom. Just recently, the multi-awarded pop superstar announced via Instagram this historic sophomore collaboration with MAC and the teaser photo is just as glittery as it gets. Many fashion analysts are hoping to see a more flamboyant version of the first collection and they are trusting the singer’s great nose for what’s going to be loved by her adoring fans all over the planet. Furthermore, the photo posted by both MAC and Mariah Carey denotes an air of sophistication and luxury, making MAC fans drooling to know what is to be released in a couple of weeks’
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