Marian Wright Edelman 's Measure Of Our Success

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“Any fool can know. The point is to understand” (Albert Einstein). Life is an item that most people do not understand. People ask others to answer what they want, instead of experiencing it for themselves; however, mentors help a person get through the difficult points in life with some life lessons. Though life lessons do not unlock all the secrets to life, they help people understand life a little better. Life lessons can come from anywhere. For some, they come with it on their own, for others, they require a little assistance from those they interact with. For instance, at the university, some life lessons have come to light. Through the discussion earlier in the semester, the life lessons throughout Marian Wright Edelman’s Measure of Our Success have left several life lessons as a takeaway. For instance, life lesson eleven, “Sell the shadow for the substance,” which basically means that the substance, is something that takes up space, is more important than the shadow, a superficial being that does not stay with you at all times. To sell the shadow, things in our life that do not really mean anything, for the substance, objects that help achieve a higher version of ourselves, is important and helps with understanding that if a person focuses on bettering their selves than achieving meaningless belongings, they will be able to proceed through life with the knowledge that substance outweighs the shadow of material objects; likewise, life lesson nineteen, “Try to live in

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