Marian by Alfred Lord Tennyson

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Have you ever been hurt by someone whom you loved and trusted the most, such as a close family member or friend? It’s a horrible feeling that leaves you in horrendous pain, varying for each individual person, as if you’ve been stabbed in the back through the heart. You’ve trusted that one, close person to keep your secrets, to protect you in a way they can, and to not leave you; however the trust shatters when you find out their true motives, and it all hits you as fantastic lies despite all the memories they have given you to remember and cherish. The poem, “Mariana”, written by Alfred, Lord Tennyson in 1830, tells the depressing and suicidal state of a woman named “Mariana”, who is grieving over the loss and betrayal of who seems to be a lover. The poem describes detailed surroundings, which emphasizes Mariana’s feelings and gives us an impression of what Mariana may be feeling and give us an idea of and help us interpret the message of the poem. Just like in movies and shows, a heartbroken person is often a mess emotionally, much like how their surroundings are, such as a bedroom. That’s exactly the kind of image and interpretation the writer wants you to think like, except by words: the surroundings represent the person. Although there are many other ways a person can deal with a broken heart and how they feel about it, Mariana handles it quite depressingly and shuts herself from the outside, cruel world. The way the author describes Mariana’s surroundings gives us

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