Marie Antoinette And Louis Xvi

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It is known by many that all actions have equal and opposite reactions which is perfectly displayed in the history of the French Revolution. By the actions of growing up, Marie Antoinette had nothing to worry about as she was the heiress to the Austrian land. Married off at 15 to Louis XVI, she was given the responsibility of ruling France a much bigger country alongside her husband. Now she had more money and a husband that would do anything for her so she uses that to her advantage. Louis was a simple and innocent man; therefore Marie was able to easily influence his decisions. Both husband and wife did not really care about the welfare of their country and the people, which led to the citizens revolting. Marie Antoinette used all the money she wanted without thinking of the consequences. Marie and Louis governed their country with absolute power and no one could stop them or interfere with their expenses. Together Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI were able to destroy their country which provokes the people to want more for themselves and their country. Their actions and decisions built up anger in the people which later resulted in the French Revolution and the execution of both King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette contributed to the French Revolution by ruled the country in an absolute monarchy, forcing the people to be divided into classes, and leading the country to a financial crisis which instigated the people to start a

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