Marie Antoinette of Vienna

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Their Marriage sealed the alliance between France and Austria that was made by Marie Tereasa during the Severn Years War.

August 15th, 1774 Marie was given the Gift of Petit Trianon by Louis XVI which was a small château on the grounds of Versailles that she was given to renovate. The château was originally supposed to be for Louis the XV’s mistress, Madame de Pompadour.

June 11th, 1775 Her husband, Dauphin Louis-Auguste, was crowned King Louis XVI. Marie Antoinette, however, was not crowned alongside him.

August 30th, 1777 consummation of Marie and Louis-Auguste’s marriage

May 16th, 1778 Marie got conformation of her first pregnancy.

December 19th, 1778 Marks the birth of daughter her daughter Marie-Thérèse Charlott. She was born at Versailles after difficulties in labor, and given the title “Madame Royale”.

November 29th, 1780 Marks the death of her Mother, Empress Maria Theresa. She died at age 63 due to Dropsy and an unknown respiratory problem.

October 22nd, 1781 Marks the birth of her oldest son, Louis Joseph Xavier François, He was given the title “Dauphin of France”.

November 1st, 1783 Marie had her second miscarriage, which caused more fears for her health.

March 27th, 1785 The birth of son Louis Charles, he was given the title of Duc de Normandie and he was affectionately called chou d'amour (cabbage love). His…

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