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Marie Antoinette Fourteen year old Archduchesses Maria Antonia Josephina Johanna of Austria, was obligated to marry Louis the Dauphin of France in order to consolidate an alliance between this country and the dynasty of Habsburg. Marie Antoinette did not have the capacity to rule a nation, she had an unhappy marriage and unfortunately as she became queen she had bad reputation and was blamed the government's financial problems, consequently revolutionaries wanted to end the absolute monarchy. When the Revolution broke out in 1789, Marie Antoinette refused to reach an agreement with the revolutionaries and sought help from her brother, Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor. During the revolution the king and queen tried to flee…show more content…
All these accusations and rumors emerged because the queen would be seen at Versailles late at night as well as the queen not getting pregnant , therefore citizens started to speculate that she had no class and was a terrible queen. Due to Marie Antoinette gambling, buying expensive clothes, hats and jewelry that seemed extravagant and exaggerating to the citizens, the queen was blamed for the financial crisis France was going through. The queen ignored the country's financial crisis. She refused to make concessions to the hungry masses that stormed the palace of Versailles and sent troops against them. Poor harvest and lack of food due to the high cost was believed to be a result of the extravagant lifestyle of the queen. On July 14, 1789, approximately nine hundred men French workers and peasants stormed the Bastille Prison beginning the French Revolution. On October 6, a crowd gathered outside the Palace at Versailles and demanded that the King and Queen be brought to Paris. Marie Antoinette sought to look for help in order to save the French monarchy. The royal family attempted to escape France in June 1791, but they were captured and returned to Paris. In September, King Louis XVI agreed to support a new constitution drafted by the Constituent National Assembly in return for keeping at least his symbolic power as king. Maximilien de Robespierre called for the removal of the queen and king. After Henry XVI execution, Marie

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