Marie Curie: A Modern Day Hero

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First, Marie Curie should be considered as a modern day hero because she exhibits leadership for women. One example is Curie graduated first in her class, even though she was a women. A book indicates, “On June 12, 1883, Manya received the gold medal awarded to the top student in her high school graduating class” (Cobb 18). Marie was excellent in school, even though she was in the minority. At age fifteen she graduated as the top of her class. With this she earned the gold metal to show how much of an accompaniment it was. She was seen as the smartest and could not stop the hunger to learn more and more. Marie was so excited to learn. It is what she was dedicated to. In addition, Curie’s leadership was demonstrated by her becoming the first…show more content…
The book Marie Curie notes, “Believing as she did in the importance of science, Marie Curie was determined to obtain a doctoral degree—a requirement if her research was to be respected by her peers. At this time no women in Europe had completed this degree” (Ogilvie 43). While Marie was studying to get her doctoral degree, no other woman had ever even thought about achieving this degree. This degree was important to Marie because it was used to help her fit in with the other scientist and be up to their skill level. Marie believed that this was what she needed to take her research to the next level and to help her achieve what was necessary. She also used this degree to advance her knowledge. Second, Marie Curie can be considered a modern day hero because of her sacrifice to her family and her job. To begin, Curie took countless hours to find one…show more content…
Marie Curie was lucky enough to have her husband and his brother invent the electrometer that aided in her research. According to a book written by Harry Henderson, “The most important piece of equipment was the electrometer that Pierre and his brother had invented” (Henderson 23). While Marie was researching her new element, radium, her husband and his brother were inventing a new piece of equipment. This would push Marie’s research to the breaking point of finding the pure element of radium. During her time there were many other people in the same position as her, but when she was introduced to this tool she ended up advancing very quickly through the research. She was a creature of chance to have this invention be invented for her by her husband. Furthermore, Marie used many other scientist’s element and supplies for her research. As stated in a book by Kathleen Krull, “Very persuasive when she needed something for her work, she begged and borrowed samples of elements for other scientists, including her old professors” (Krull 51). Marie was not one to give up when she did not have the right materials need. She was always persistent and kept going, whether it meant borrowing elements from others or finding new ways. She was very well known during her time and was very famous in the science community. If it wasn’t for her success and her working with many others,

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