Marie In Vietnam

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The killing of Mr. Sing, the willingness to kill Eddie, along with defrauding the twelve Chinese he promised to carry to the States, and the debacle of the trip with Wesley, are examples of his willingness to do whatever it takes to maintain his American Dream: the preservation of family. His Dream of domestic bliss is succinctly drawn at the end of part one. Sitting in his living room smoking a cigar, drinking whiskey and listening to Gracie Allen on the radio with his wife Marie, while his girls are at the movies, he lives a life different than the other Conchs.
i. The love that he and Marie have for each other stands in direct contrast to other couples in the narrative, especially those in the economic category of the “Haves.” Throughout his decline, Harry has nothing but regard and concern for Marie, a fact reiterated as he lays dying on the boat thinking: “I wish I could do something about Marie. Marie, at every turn professes her love for Harry in her belief that, “They don’t know what I’ve got. They won’t never know what I’ve got. Despite their categorization of being the least admirable in society. Harry an ex-police
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Despite his determination to provide for his family at all cost, whether directly or indirectly, Harry’s approach continually isolates him and puts him at odds with the greater community. He sacrifices his interpersonal connections and ultimately his own humanity. In Albert’s narrative, Harry’s asserts: It would be better alone, anything is better alone. Here, Hemingway acutely demonstrate the degree to which Harry has become a loner. In the first, Albert laments how Harry has changed, mean and full of self-pity. In the second, Harry, trapped by the need to participate in a doomed venture asking: what choice do I have? Harry’s downward spiral and his actions complicate his position in the Dream narrative. In this and Hemingway’s castigation of the other characters, the reader is left with the realization that the Dream altogether
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